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Instagram video downloader is a free online web tool to download videos from Instagram. Instagram, much like other social networks does not provide access to users for offline usage and experience. Instagram’s videos and content are brilliant and entertaining due to it becoming the biggest social network of the 2020s. But the fact that you cannot view the content offline remains a big problem. The easiest way to solve this problem was by downloading your favorite videos for offline viewing. But there are so many options by which you can download. This tool is the simplest approach to download your IG videos offline to your mobile phone or PC. You can download an unlimited number of videos from Instagram using our website’s excellent tool. We provide a completely secure and completely free video downloader for Instagram. Instagram video downloader has no limit to downloading online videos, stories, pictures.

Content & Videos on Instagram

Instagram is the top social media website on the internet today. It is becoming more and more popular each year! The essence of Instagram is sharing visual content and experiences with your friends and followers. This is a very good website and has seen the uprise of several people getting notoriety because of this platform. There are a large number of video types that are being created on Insta. These are namely:

  1. Video reels- a short movie-like video.
  2. Story- a video that is available for viewing for 24 hours at the most.
  3. IGTV- videos that are created to highlight an event or showcase a series of events. The only type of video that can be rewinded or fast-forwarded.

Instagram has been tailor-made for the Millennium generation. There are options for everything available on this platform. Insta also caters perfectly to those, who are interested heavily in the entertainment aspect of it. Since this generation also needs to be entertained at all times, it leads to several people looking for alternatives. People want to be kept busy at all times because the end of entertainment is boredom. So there needs to be a way that people can view at least some of the content offline as much as they viewed it online. There lies the need for such a tool. The Instagram video saving tool, this allows you to watch your favorite videos offline as well.

Devices Supported by Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram to mp4 converter is designed in such a responsive way that our website is supported by all the latest devices. These may be handheld or cord-connected devices. You can choose to open our website from your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All these devices can be used to download videos from Instagram using our versatile tool. It does not matter if you are using an Android, an iPhone, or even other independent mobile phone software devices, you can open our website easily. All the major operating systems are compatible to save Instagram videos to mp4. You can choose to open Instagram downloader in windows, apple products, Linux, or other software. This tool is also compatible with all the internet browser on the web. We work well with internet browsers like chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.

How to Download Video From Instagram?

How to download Instagram videos and photos online always comes to mind of a daily user of Instagram. We daily see a lot of user-generated content on Instagram. As Instagram users, we often find a video or image which we like the most. As a natural tendency, you want to have complete access to something you like, that’s why we want to download this content offline to our device. We always want to watch that video offline as that particular video may be removed in the future. So it’s always better to download the video offline instead of losing that video on Instagram due to a number of reasons. Downloading Instagram videos is a no-brainer and super easy with our IG video downloader to mp4.

To correctly download the video in its quality of sound and its visual effects we have created a short guide. We suggest you to follow these simple easy steps to download save your Instagram video offline.

Step 1:-

Just go over to Instagram and look for the content or video you want to download. You can search the profile of the content creator or the content page, by using the search bar on Instagram. Or you can simply go to the video post available on the platform.

Step 2:-

After finding the video from the list, you need to check the video. Our tool is powerful and accurate so it will recreate the video as it is. This step assures you that the video quality and the sound of the video is clear and good enough for you!

Step 3:-

After verifying the video, you need to just copy the video URL from the internet browser you are using. You can copy the URL by using keyword shortcut key combination CTRL+L for selecting the link and then pressing CTRL+C for copying.

Step 4:-

Now open the Instagram video downloader. Then proceed to paste your copied image or video URL in the white downloading bar at top of this page. After pasting click on the download button next to the download bar.

Step 5:-

Now your video link will be processed in the background. Through the link, our tool will analyze the video and extract the content with the audio. After this, you will get your video downloading link in a couple of seconds.

You will get a list of videos with different video quality to download. With videos, the size and time duration is also mentioned by our Instagram video downloader. All now you need to do is simply select the desired video quality you want to download. While you also have the option to download all the video or image quality and save offline. The desired video will be available in your gallery, and downloads section, to view any time later.

How to download Instagram videos on a mobile phone?

Instagram is a social media app that is most frequently used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. For downloading Instagram videos on your smartphone all you need to follow some simple steps. Most of the steps we follow to download Instagram video on pc/ laptop is similar to mobile downloading, except for a few small changes. Kindly follow the step by step process provided below:

  1. Go to Instagram and search for the video you want to download.
  2. After finding the video, check the audio quality of the post. This is important because our tool cannot enhance the pre-existing voice quality of your chosen video.
  3. Now, click on the 3 dots at the top right of the video post, which indicates the icon for ‘options’. You will get a list of options select the option "copy link".
  4. Now you have copied the link and you need to open the Instagram video to MP4 converter. Proceed to paste your copied link in the white downloading bar.

Now your Instagram video downloading link is ready to be saved offline for later viewing.

FAQs on Instagram video downloading

Despite our efforts in highlighting the need and usage of the tool, there may be some unanswered questions. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help your understanding a little bit more:

1.   How do you download a video from Instagram?

Downloading a video from Instagram is a need of today. So we created the Instagram to MP3 video converter. This is a simple yet elegant tool that can be used to download any video that has been posted on Insta.

2.   How can I download a video from Instagram to my phone?

Downloading Instagram videos to your phone can be done easily with the Instagram video downloader. We will help you get the video you want from Instagram to your mobile device. You simply need the video URL and our tool. It is THAT easy! For any issues refer to our “How to download Instagram videos on a mobile phone?” section.

3.   Can you download someone else's Instagram video?

Yes, you can download someone else’s Instagram video on your device easily. You need the videos’ URL or link and our tool. By inputting the link on to our tool’s results’ bar you can have offline access to someone else’s video on any device of your choosing.

4.   Can you save Instagram videos to camera roll?

Yes, you can save Instagram videos to your camera roll. Our website’s Instagram to MP4 video converter is a safe tool for you to use. We prioritize the privacy of our users and therefore, will ensure that the videos reach your camera roll without corruption.

5.   How can I download Instagram videos without the app?

Downloading Instagram videos without the app is straightforward. You need to open Insta on your browser and look for the video you want to download. Then copy the video’s URL, after checking the sound quality of the audio. Then come to our tool to download Instagram videos easily and securely.


6.   Is it illegal to download content and videos from Instagram?

No, it is not illegal. It is okay for downloading Instagram photos or videos for personal entertainment purposes. This does not imply that the person downloading the video is earning from the video without benefiting the creator of the content.

Yes, it is illegal if the video downloaded is done for commercial purposes. If you are using it for a commercial purpose you need to the permission of the content creator or the original owner of the video. If you doubt whether you can download a video always ask for permission from the rightful owner.

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